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Eboni Stocks (2), Lara Cameron (3), Louise Van Brussel (1), Alice Burdeu (28), Caris Eves (1)

As well as the pictures from the last two episodes: Oyster Magazine and Haute Couture.

Alice's D&G campaign is so awesome!

Yay for big updates

Eboni Stocks (2), Simone Viljoen (16), Alice Burdeu (23), Danica Brown (5), Sophie Wittingslow (4), Steph Flockhart (7), Alyce Crawford (4), Jamie Lee (32), Kamila Markowska (4), Kristy Coulcher (3), Leiden Kronemberger (1), Samantha Downie (22)

Plus, the photoshoot with the Ford. I'm gonna list the designers just for fun:
Samantha = Chloé
Rebecca = Agent Provocateur
Caris = Alexander McQueen
Leiden = Vivienne Westwood
Demelza = Gucci
Alexandra = Josh Goot
Alamela = Chanel
Alyce = John Galliano
Jamie = Victoria's Secret

AAAAAND the photoshoot for the Alex Perry look book

Myspace raid

Simmone Duckmanton (2), Alice Burdeu (4), Jordan Loukas (8), Kara-Lee Taylor (3), Alamela Rowan (35), Kristy Coulcher (2), Rebecca Jobson (3).

Updates as of today

Alice Burdeu (14), Cobi Marsh (2), Steph Flockhart (11), Kristy Coulcher (2).

Also added high resolution pictures from the rock-climbing photoshoot. :D

Updates as of today

Alice Burdeu (2), Cobi Marsh (12), Alexandra Girdwood (5), Alyce Crawford (1), Demelza Reveley (2), Kristy Coulcher (6), Rebecca Jobson (1), Samantha Downie (1)

Also, the group shot from episode 1, the pre-show pics, some low-quality screencaps of the swinsuit photoshoot from episode 1, and the beauty shots from episode 2.

Give in to the moment!

I finally finished uploading Sophie Wittingslow's 41 runway pics from L'Oréal Fashion Week. They have a small watermark, but it's the best I could find D:


Can I just mention how awesome Gemma Sanderson, Madeleine Rose, Jessica French, Jordan Loukas, and most recently (as in just now) Danica Brown are for sharing their pictures with me themselves? X3 *is in heaven*

I kindda just needed to say that, but there have been some updates: Simmone Duckmanton (4), Alice Burdeu (12), Danica Brown (1).



As you all probably know, All AusNTM is now sharing a server with All ANTM. That started causing trouble, because apparently both galleries take a lot of space (duh). Sooooo tonihime figured out that a dedicated server is the answer to all our problems, except that costs $360 USD a year. None of us are in any position to spend that kind of money right now, so she started a Paypal account for those of you that are kind and generous and wouldn't mind helping keep both galleries up :D

In other news, there's been some updeitz:

Gemma Sanderson (1), Samantha Morley (2), Jessica French (8), Lara Cameron (8), Sophie Miller (7), Alice Burdeu (29), Steph Hart (3)

Enjoy :D And pleeeeaaaazeeee donate D:

All AusNTM gets new Makeover!

Remember the gallery all_ausntm? Well, with the help of the owner of All ANTM, it has gone through one serious makeover. Ladies and gentlemen, models and moles, I bring you All AusNTM! The online gallery with pictures of the contestants of Australia's Next Top Model now has its own subdomain! :D

The URL is ausntm.all-antm.net Easy to remember, right? Enjoy! :D